The two main categories are Single Song and Full Length CD.

Single Song Entry Fee: $30 
Full Length CD Entry Fee: $45 

The Single Song category is for individual songs. Only one copy of individual submissions is necessary. The Full Length category is for complete albums. Both single songs and full length entries can be submitted electronically or sent to the OMA mailing address. Full length entries must be commercially available at the time of entry. Commercially available is defined as packaged for retail sales and available for sale to the general public either through retail outlets or via the Internet.
The Songwriting category is a single song submission. Since many songwriters send their songs to studios outside of the State of Ohio, and because it is the song itself that is being judged and not the recording or production quality, submissions to the Songwriting category need to be made by entrants who lived in Ohio during the time that the song was composed. In the case of co-writing, only one of the writers need be an Ohio resident at the time that the song was written.

OMA will verify the location of recordings and mixing by the information provided on the entry form.

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